Arduino Projects

ARDUINO Cortex & ARDUINO 7 Projects

Get ARDUINO based projects for electronics and communication research and studies. A ARDUINO module is a system that uses a sim card to connect to cell phone networks for data passing. We have researched these ARDUINO based projects ideas and topics to help electronics and communication students, researchers and enthusiasts learn about ARDUINO based systems. Our ARDUINO projects kits make use of ARDUINO modem with microcontrollers for various purposes. Browse through our list of innovative ARDUINO module based projects for engineering students, researchers and engineers:

PID Project Name Year Domain Abstract
PRJH0133 Fire & Gas Accident Avoider System 2018 GPS
PRJH0134 Advanced Automatic Self-Car Parking using Arduino Project 2018 GPS
PRJH0135 Arduino Based Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot 2018 GPS
PRJH0136 Monthly Electricity Billing With Bill SMS Using PIC 2018 GPS
PRJH0137 Arduino Ultrasonic Sonar/Radar Monitor Project 2018 GPS
PRJH0138 IOT Circuit Breaker Project 2018 GPS
PRJH0139 Third Eye For Blind Ultrasonic Vibrator Glove 2018 GPS
PRJH0140 Smart E Glasses For Voltage Measurement 2018 GPS
PRJH0141 IOT Industry Protection System Arduino 2018 GPS
PRJH0142 Automatic Sketching Machine Project 2018 GPS
PRJH0143 Smart Dustbin With IOT Notifications 2018 GPS
PRJH0144 Womens Safety Device With GPS Tracking & Alerts 2018 GPS
PRJH0145 Sun Tracking Solar Panel Using Arduino 2018 GPS
PRJH0146 Arduino Based System To Measure Solar Power 2018 GPS
PRJH0147 Rotating Solar Panel Using Arduino 2018 GPS
PRJH0148 IOT Based Fire Department Alerting System 2018 GPS
PRJH0149 IOT Solar Power Monitoring System 2018 GPS
PRJH0150 Programmable Energy Meter With Bill Estimation 2018 GPS
PRJH0151 Advanced Footstep Power Generation System 2018 GPS
PRJH0152 Coin Based Water Dispenser System 2018 GPS
PRJH0153 Fingerprint Based Bank Locker System 2018 GPS
PRJH0154 IOT Irrigation Monitoring & Controller System 2018 GPS
PRJH0155 Fingerprint Vehicle Starter Project 2018 GPS
PRJH0156 Rough Terrain Beetle Robot 2018 GPS
PRJH0157 Zigbee Based Secure Wireless Communication Using AES 2018 GPS
PRJH0158 Heart Attack Detection By Heart Beat Sensing 2018 GPS
PRJH0159 Joystick Controlled Steering Mechanism Vehicle 2018 GPS
PRJH0160 Fingerprint Bank Locker 2018 GPS
PRJH0161 Fire & Gas Accident Avoider System GPS
PRJH0162 Solar UPS Project 2018 GPS