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Arduino/Raspberry PI

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  • Module : 10
  • Length : 6 Month
  • Level : Basic
  • Category : Hardware Training
  • Started : 04-04-2019
  • Shift : 02
  • Class : 120

Audrino, Raspberry pi Training and Course Description

A major part of any new IoT project involves integration and interfacing now a days. In IoT world we have a lot of proprietary technologies and thus a good number of protocols and interfacing techniques like UART, SPI, I2C, PCIe, SWP, DWP, which makes the life of a new IoT Engineer really challenging. In 3 in 1 IoT Bundle, we consider all those scenario in details and step by step manner. 3 in 1 IoT Bundles cover integration of each popular hardware with its SDK hands-on. Most of these IoT development platform has its own pros and cons which is covered in details with use cases 3 in 1 IoT have covered majorly hardware side of IoT, as this is the first and major point where software developers face challenges. We have covered 4 major hardware development and integration, which is Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi, Konnect KiT and wireless enabled ESP8266.

Raspberry pi Training and Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to the Arduino

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Introduction to Arduino Prototyping Board
  • How to install Arduino IDE
  • Basic LED Blinking
  • Test Using On-board LED
  • Program the Arduino to make an LED Fade and GLOW
  • Hbridge Driver Part I
  • Hbridge Driver Part II
  • Introduction to Stepper Motors
  • How a DC Motor Works?
  • How a Stepper Motor Works?
  • Methods to find a stepper Motor is Center-Tapped or Not
  • Stepper 360° Rotation
  • Arduino Using ATMEGA328 MicroController
  • Arduino with Analog Sensor - LDR
  • Line Follower Necessary Components
  • Create and Test Motion Detection Sensor
  • Solder and Code for Line Follower
  • Testing Our Line Follower Robot
  • Introduction to the Course
  • Introduction to the ESP8266
  • Necessary Components in ESP8266
  • How it is Fabricated?
  • Circuit Connection for Flashing the ESP8266
  • Raspberry Pi Introduction
  • configuring Raspberry Pi and connecting it to computer and internet
  • connecting Raspberry Pi to Arduino, updating it and installing Java
  • config & coding Java in Raspberry PI for Arduino serial communication
  • What is PubNub IoT platform and Why to use it
  • How PubNub works
  • How to use PubNub in our existing IoT scenario
  • Pushing Raspberry Pi data to PubNub cloud
  • Subscribing to PubNub cloud with UI5 frontend application