ARM Projects

ARM Cortex & ARM 7 Projects

Looking for a topic to make your next Arm project ? Well Inetz provides you the most innovative arm microcontroller projects ideas and topics for students, engineers and researchers. Arm provides 64 bit microcontrollers for efficient electronics systems development. We help students, engineers and enthusiasts to create efficient electronic systems using arm controllers. Our list of arm microcontroller projects is built to help in arm based projects research. So just browse through our list of arm based projects to find the best arm project to suit your needs. Our researchers constantly research on innovative project ideas that can be made using Arm cortex or ARM 7 boards. We provide the widest and most innovative list of ARM based projects ideas and topics that have not yet been developed.:

PID Project Name Year Domain Abstract
PRJH081 Multiple Cities Load Shedding Using ARM 2018 ARM
PRJH082 Gas Leak Detector With Automatic Air Exhaust Using ARM Cortex 2018 ARM
PRJH083 DTMF & RF Dual Controller Based Robot 2018 ARM
PRJH084 Solar Power Measurement System Using ARM Cortex 2018 ARM
PRJH085 Accurate Speed Control Of Electric Car Using ARM 2018 ARM
PRJH086 Synchronized Multiple Motor Speed Controller Using ARM Cortex 2018 ARM
PRJH087 ARM Based Antenna Positioning System 2018 ARM
PRJH088 Collision Detection Robotic Vehicle Using ARM 2018 ARM
PRJH089 GSM Home Automation Project 2018 ARM
PRJH090 Multiple Load Controller For Industry Using ARM Cortex 2018 ARM
PRJH091 Landmine Detection Robotic Vehicle With GPS Positioning Using ARM 2018 ARM
PRJH092 ARM Based Liquid Level Detection & Flow Control 2018 ARM