GPS Tracking Electronics Projects

GPS Cortex & GPS 7 Projects

Get GPS based projects for electronics and communication research and studies. A GPS module is a system that uses a sim card to connect to cell phone networks for data passing. We have researched these GPS based projects ideas and topics to help electronics and communication students, researchers and enthusiasts learn about GPS based systems. Our GPS projects kits make use of GPS modem with microcontrollers for various purposes. Browse through our list of innovative GPS module based projects for engineering students, researchers and engineers:

PID Project Name Year Domain Abstract
PRJH0124 Smart Stand-up wheelchair using Raspberry Pi & RF 2018 GPS
PRJH094 Womens Safety Device With GPS Tracking & Alerts 2018 GPS
PRJH0125 Raspberry Pi Wheelchair With Safety System 2018 GPS
PRJH126 Ultrasonic Blind Stick With GPS Tracking 2018 GPS
PRJH0127 GPS + GSM Based Advanced Vehicle Tracking System Project 2018 GPS
PRJH0128 GPS Vehicle Tracking & Theft Detection 2018 GPS
PRJH0129 GPS Handcuffs With Geographic Prohibitions 2018 GPS
PRJH0130 Soldier Health & Position Tracking System 2018 GPS
PRJH0131 Accident Identification and alerting project 2018 GPS
PRJH0132 Landmine Detection Robotic Vehicle With GPS Positioning Using ARM 2018 GPS