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Industrial Training in Chennai

Industrial training at Multisoft Systems prepares future employees. This training illustrates the implementation of technological knowledge for the simplification of the business processes. A wide range of courses are available for the 4/6 weeks industrial training and 6 months industrial training programs. You can also opt for a certification courses.

CS / IT / MCA / BCA Industrial Training

There is no looking back to technology! Those passionate for it need not worry about the professional prospects it offers. Courses and trainings in the field of Computer Science and Applications open a wide array of choices for individuals. All you need to do it prepare yourself right! As Computer Applications is a promising field, Multisoft aggressively promotes it through job-oriented industrial training programs. Our portfolio of CS / IT / MCA / BCA trainings is huge. We have a large pool of industry-certified trainers, who specialize in domains like .NET, Java, Oracle, PHP, Cloud Computing, Mobile App Development, and Ethical Hacking among others. These technologies prepare individuals for fields like software programming, technical support, graphic design, software testing, business analytics and more. Candidates go through a series of comprehensive practical sessions where they work on live problems and implement solutions on real-time basis. Such training formats are immensely beneficial because companies now-a-days are looking for skilled labor in place of mere degree holders.

Industrial Training in Electronics and Communication

Electronics and Communication, i.e. one of the most popular engineering fields, is witnessing a huge demand for skilled professionals. With faster career-growth options in comparison to other domains, companies prefer hiring individuals with hands-on exposure who need minimal guidance. Multisoft Systems is the ideal place to get industry-ready and our 6 months training for ECE, i.e. Electronics and Communication, is the correct solution. These trainings are project-based through which students walk into the corporate culture with complete knowhow of how electronic systems work. After completing the project-based 6 months trainings for ECE, candidates get deeper knowledge related to the workings of machinery and equipment like computers, laptops, air-conditioners, intelligence systems and home security systems to name a few. The ECE domain provides candidates with the option to gain specialization in System Design and Implementation; System Design and Verification; and Embedded Robotics with AVR/ARM and MATLAB among others.

Electrical and Industrial Training

As graduation statistics are on a constant rise, so are the number of engineers the world gets each year. A major portion of these individuals choose the electrical and industrial domain, much due to the high demand for skilled individuals! Multisoft Systems offers project-based six months electrical and industrial training, where students indulge in practical learning sessions. Candidates complete live projects under the guidance of industry experts, which makes them job-ready. Through our six months electrical and industrial training program, students venture into core fields like control systems, power electronics, and analog and digital electronics among others. This field also opens options for working in electrical machining setups, and instruments and measurements companies. Students have various 6 months electrical and industrial training choices, such as DCS and Panel Designing; LabView; PCB Designing; HMI & Networking; and PLC and SCADA. The added benefit of attending this training program is the job-assistance offered by us. We guide students to sit through interviews that boost their confidence and make them ready for bigger challenges.