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The future of IOT starting from smart homes to connect cars to smart health care, consumers and vendors are gearing up for the next big thing, five companies that dominate the consumer IOT market are Google,Microsoft,Samsung,Amazon,Apple.Every learner or student can think of developing many IOT projects in the similar applications area where they gain knowledge in using IOT sensors,IOT platforms for back end application development,IOT hardware like Raspberry pi IOT,Arduino IOT,Particle IOT kit,ESP 8266,IOT Intel-edison,Arduino shields.

It is a wonderful opportunity for budding engineers and entrepreneurs to explore emerging devices and technologies (involving smart sensing, pervasive connectivity, virtual interfaces and ubiquitous computing), and their potential applications in consumer, retail, healthcare and industrial automation, smart city applications, wearable’s .there are multiple IOT project ides for students of CSE,ECE,EEE engineering students can be implemented. We also help Mtech students to complete their research by providing guidance on IEEE IOT Mtech projects .

PID Project Name Year Domain Abstract
PRJ008 A Comparative Study on Internet of Things (IoT) and its Applications in Smart Agriculture 2018 IoT
PRJ009 A New Early Warning Method of Train Tracking Interval Based on CTC 2018 IoT
PRJ010 A Real-Time Flood Alert System for Parking Lots 2018 IoT
PRJ011 Fingerprint and iris biometric controlled smart banking machine embedded with GSM technology for OTP 2018 IoT
PRJ012 Challenges and Opportunities of Waste Management in IoT-enabled Smart Cities: A Survey 2018 IoT
PRJ013 A Smart Approach onCollecting Working Condition Data from HomeAppliances under the Field Test. 2018 IoT
PRJ014 A Navigation and Reservation Based Smart Parking Platform Using Genetic Optimization for Smart Cities 2018 IoT
PRJ015 An IoT Platform integrated into an energy efficientDC lighting grid 2018 IoT
PRJ016 Design of Bus Tracking and Fuel Monitoring System 2018 IoT
PRJ017 Design of a Solar Power Electronic Voting Machine 2018 IoT
PRJ018 Design and Implementation of a Fingerprint Based Lock System for Shared Access 2018 IoT
PRJ019 Design of an IoT based autonomous vehicle with the aid of computer vision 2018 IoT
PRJ020 Application of Wireless Sensor Network in Water Quality Monitoring 2018 IoT
PRJ021 An IoT Enabled Real-Time Communication and Location Tracking System for Vehicular Emergency. 2018 IoT
PRJ022 An IoT based Fire Alarming and Authentication System for Workhouse using Raspberry Pi 3 2018 IoT
PRJ023 Implementation of speech based home automation system using Bluetooth and GSM 2018 IoT
PRJ024 Hand Gesture Recognition based on ShapeParameters 2018 IoT
PRJ025 Environment monitoring and device control using ARM based Embedded Controlled Sensor Network 2018 IoT
PRJ026 Design of Intelligent Home Appliance ControlSystem Based on ARM and ZigBee 2018 IoT
PRJ027 Design of Emergency Remote Security Monitoring and Control System Based on ARM 2018 IoT
PRJ028 An automatic driver drowsiness Alert system by using GSM 2018 IoT
PRJ029 An Advanced Security System Integrated With RFID Based Automated Toll Collection System 2018 IoT
PRJ030 Advance Automatic Toll Collection &Vehicle Detection During Collision using RFID 2018 IoT
PRJ031 RFID-based Production Data Analysis in an IoT-enabled Smart Job-shop 2018 IoT
PRJ032 IoT-Driven Automated Object Detection Algorithm for Urban Surveillance Systems in Smart Cities. 2018 IoT
PRJ033 Design of an energy efficient Iot enabled smart system based on DALI network over MQTT protocol 2018 IoT
PRJ034 IoT based smart museum using Bluetooth Low Energy. 2018 IoT
PRJ035 Knowledge Based Real Time Monitoring System for Aquaculture Using IoT. 2018 IoT
PRJ036 Identifying parking spaces & detecting occupancy using vision-based IoT devices 2018 IoT
PRJ037 Low-cost Smart Refrigerator 2018 IoT
PRJ038 Smart water management using IOT 2018 IoT
PRJ039 RFID-Based Attendance Management System 2018 IoT
PRJ040 An IoT Based Remote HRV Monitoring System for Hypertensive Patients 2018 IoT
PRJ041 Open source embedded data logger design for PV system monitoring 2018 IoT
PRJ042 A ZigBee based energy efficient environmental monitoring, alerting and controlling system 2018 IoT
PRJ043 Reconfigurable Smart Water Quality Monitoring System in IoT Environment 2018 IoT
PRJ044 Performance Enhancement and IoT Based Monitoring for Smart Home 2018 IoT