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Machine learning and AI continues to be a hot topic in the technology space that has dramatically changed the business landscape. is part of research on , seeking to provide knowledge to computers through data, observations and interacting with the world. That acquired knowledge allows computers to correctly generalize to new settings. What started as a rule-based automation is now capable of mimicking human interaction. It is not just the human-like capabilities that make unique. Common sense, reasoning and problem-solving power in machines is a difficult and tedious task that AI should handle. An advanced AI algorithm offers far better speed and reliability at a much lower cost as compared to its human counterparts.

PID Project Name Year Domain Abstract
PRJ082 Dynamical Component Analysis (DYCA): Dimensionality Reduction for High-Dimensional Deterministic Time-Series 2018 Machine Learning
PRJ083 Unsupervised Parsimonious Cluster-Based Anomaly Detection (PCAD) 2018 Machine Learning
PRJ084 Enhanced Noisy Sparse Subspace Clustering via Reweighted L1-Minimization 2018 Machine Learning
PRJ085 Evaluation of Loss Functions for Estimation of Latent Vectors from GAN 2018 Machine Learning
PRJ086 Space-Time Extension of the MEM Approach for Electromagnetic Neuroimaging 2018 Machine Learning
PRJ087 Network Reconstruction From Time-Course Perturbation Data Using Multivariate Gaussian Processes 2018 Machine Learning
PRJ088 Graph-Regularized Fast Low-Rank Matrix Approximation Using The NystrÖM Method for Clustering 2018 Machine Learning
PRJ089 K-SVD with a Real ℓ0Optimization: Application to Image Denoising 2018 Machine Learning
PRJ090 Image Deblurring and Super-Resolution Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks 2018 Machine Learning
PRJ091 Speech Emotion Recognition Using Cyclostationary Spectral Analysis 2018 Machine Learning