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Writing thousands of app codes has helped us gain expertise over it. As one of the top app development companies in India, we blend our knowledge and skill to deliver world class mobile application development services. Our arsenal of skilled mobile app developers excels with confidence and are responsible for thousands of mobile apps.

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With the relentless activities to avail your businesses with the eccentric mobile app development service, we raise our standard to stand by the championship of being few of the best mobile app development companies in Chennai.

Patience and Perseverance

It takes period to be on the same page you are on, and a lot more endurance.

Creative without being aggressive

Creative persons form our team. They know what you wish, what not.

Watch your creation grow

Daily apprises about your development so that you can watch your baby grow

On the forefront of technology

Flawless expertise predicting technology trends before they arise

A remote team at your assistance

A global team, enthusiastic exclusively to your project, listens and answers you.

Security, safety and confidentiality

A non-compromise development practice. Everything is repairable but faith.


Responsive Devices

mobile Interface

The main role in an application is UI/UX design. The mobile app user interface design is responsible for the system the app looks, the system it responds, and the system it functions. We need the application to be attractive, have many operations, and a fast response.

Desktop Interface

An important feature for desktop application developers is the ability to view detailed analytics about application performance and its popularity with users. Until today, developers had difficulty accessing these analytics without cobbling together multiple tools.


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Building successful apps! We wake up in the sunrise to produce apps that people will use, apps that make money, apps that best the charts

Mobile app strategy

Apps we build showcase only a percentage of what our mobile app development team is capable of. We know what it takes to adapt your vision into reality. Having driven on numerous projects, we understand every app project is different and needs distinct attention. Thus, we spend a significant time in planning and research.

User experience design

For us, creativity is nothing but a way to solve old problems in new ways. That means, our designers, prototype engineers always have a way out to your problem and will enlighten you to newer ways to approach your mobile app development project. This would help you increase customer retention rate, dwell time and app downloads.


A lot goes into developing a mobile app than meet our eyes. We have a team that excels at each of these levels to assure that the resulting product is as great as the team that made it. A team that has more than 300 apps to its credit, this is the least amount you can expect. After all, excellence knows no boundaries.


A piece of software without bugs is nothing more than a figment of an over-optimistic developer; our developers not spared. A team of quality analyst assures the application is tested against numerous test modules and is in the state of a product, not experiment when delivered to you. We hate bugs more than anything.

what ? people say

“ You could see that Inetz ‘got it’ the moment we sat in the room with them. The ideas that were flowing showed their greater understanding of the grand vision of the product, it was particularly impressive because our product is not simple. ”

C.E.O,Ram Productions

“ Inetz not only delivered to a very tight deadline, but I knew from our first conversation that they really cared about their clients. This was evident when the Director of the company returned my call at 6:30 pm and put together a team to assist in meeting our deadline. ”

C.E.O,Hiq Logistics

“ Inetz have blown me away when it comes to UX design, providing unbelievable account management, great agility and serious innovation.” ”

C.E.O,Hqlo App

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